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Brasher, Jeffrey W. [1].

A Lucid interactive key to Centaurea and allies (Asteraceae) in the Western United States.

Invasive species are the number two threat to biodiversity, second only to habitat destruction. Biological invasions are costly to agriculture and other human endeavors. Early detection - rapid response (EDRR) is a central strategy to limit biological invasions. EDRR can save tremendous amounts of labor, money, and ecological damage by preemptively discovering and eradicating small new infestations before eradication becomes unachievable. Identification of organisms is a rate-limiting factor in EDRR necessary to recognize new invaders in a geographical area. Full-service, computerized, interactive identification keys will facilitate EDRR by increasing the speed and accuracy of identifications. Though the basic purpose is the same, interactive keys are different than dichotomous keys and are much more powerful. A new interactive key is presented here. It distinguishes between the species of knapweeds and starthistles, including the genus Centaurea and related look-alike genera. This includes a list of noxious weeds, several ornamental plants, and some native plants. The key applies to all the native and naturalized species in the Western United States. The key is currently functional but not yet in final form. The target audience ranges from junior high school students to experienced professional plant taxonomists. Thus it will be accessible and useful to students, weed control workers, land managers, horticulturalists, and scientists. This key uses Lucid 3.3 software and will also employ Fact Sheet Fusion (FSF). Lucid software is arguably the best interactive key software available, especially in combination with FSF. The key’s underlying data matrix is adapted from the 2006 Flora of North America Asteraceae treatments. Images for the key are being assembled from the author’s photographs and other sources. Refinements are to be made before the key is released on the web as a free product. Come try the key on my laptop during designated poster discussion hours.

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Information about Jeff Brasher
Jeff Brasher at University of Wyoming Department of Plant Sciences

1 - University of Wyoming, Plant Sciences, Dept. 3354, Laramie, WY, 82071, USA

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Location: Exhibit Hall (Northeast, Southwest & Southeast)/Hilton
Date: Sunday, July 8th, 2007
Time: 8:00 AM
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