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Fajardo, Diego [1], Salas, Alberto [2], Spooner, D. M. [3].

A replicated morphological study in Peru of Solanum series Conicibaccata.

Solanum series Conicibaccata is composed of about 40 wild potato (sect. Petota) species distributed from central Mexico south to Bolivia. It forms the second largest series in section Petota. It contains diploids (2n=2x=24), tetraploids (2n=4x=48) and hexaploids (2n=6x=72). Many species are morphologically similar to each other and to species in series Piurana. Species boundaries and series relationships are unresolved. This study, conducted in an upland field station in Andean central Peru, is a replicated study of one conducted in the US, but is larger in that it combines germplasm from genebanks in Peru and the US. In total, 163 accessions were examined of 28 species in series Conicibaccata and phenetically similar species in series Piurana. Multivariate analyses are concordant with US data by suggesting that many of the species in series Conicibaccata are conspecific, and that some of the species are related to those in series Piurana. For example, some northern South American polyploid species like S. colombianum, S. moscopanum, S. orocense, S. otites, S. tundalomense, and S. lobbianum, while all highly variable, cannot be distinguished reliably among each other. Even those fewer species that are supported can be defined only by multiple character states, few of which are species-specific (polythetic support). Preliminary data suggest that the taxonomic difficulty of the species and series delimitations are allopolyploids, the focus of our continuing molecular research.

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1 - University of Wisconsin - Madison, Department of Horticulture, 1575 Linden Dr., Madison, WI, 53706, USA
2 - International Potato Center, Lima, Peru
3 - USDA-ARS, University of Wisconsin, Department of Horticulture, 1575 Linden Drive, Madison, Wisconsin, 53706, USA

series Conicibaccata
Sect. Petota
morphological evaluation.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: CP05
Location: Lake Erie/Hilton
Date: Monday, July 9th, 2007
Time: 11:30 AM
Number: CP05013
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