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Tuesday, July 10th

Tuesday, July 10th
3:20 pm to 5:00 pm · Continental B/Hilton
Session M20: Minisymposium: Auxin Biology
Presiding: Wendy Peer, Purdue University
M20001July 10th 3:20 pmContinental B/HiltonIBR5, a putative dual-specificity protein phosphatase, affects auxin response independently of TIR1
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ASPB MinisymposiumStrader, Lucia; Monroe-Augustus, Melanie; Bartel, Bonnie.auxin
M20002July 10th 3:45 pmContinental B/HiltonArabidopsis APP1 is a rate limiting component of Auxin signalling required for activation of DR5-like Auxin response elements
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ASPB MinisymposiumSrinivas, Makam; Li, Nanbing; Legas, Sheenalay; Sanjai, Deepti; Peer, Wendy; Murphy, Angus.auxin
M20003July 10th 4:10 pmContinental B/HiltonAuxin, actin, and growth of the Arabidopsis thaliana primary root
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ASPB MinisymposiumRahman, Abidur; Bannigan, Alex; Sulaman, Waheeda; Pechter, Priit; Blancaflor, Elison; Baskin, Tobias.auxin
cell division
PIN proteins
M20004July 10th 4:35 pmContinental B/HiltonNovel Pathway for IAA Biosynthesis in Maize Endosperm
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ASPB MinisymposiumHendrickson Culler, Angela; Cohen, Jerry D..auxin
Indole-3-acetic acid

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