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Monday, July 9th

Monday, July 9th
10:40 am to 12:20 pm · Continental C/Hilton
Session M16: Minisymposium: Plant Symbiont Biology
Presiding: F Sanchez, Instituto de Biotecnología/UNAM
M16001July 9th 10:40 amContinental C/HiltonGenomics and RNAi Functional Analysis of a Highly Expressed Nod Gene Family in Phaseolus vulgaris
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ASPB MinisymposiumOlivares, JE; Estrada, G; Campos, Francisco; Guillén, G; Alvarado, X; Díaz, C; Santana, O; Sanchez, F.Bean nodulin function
secretory pathway
default death pathway
Functional genomics
transgenic bean nodules
M16002July 9th 11:05 amContinental C/HiltonThe common nod genes are required for mature biofilm formation in Sinorhizobium meliloti
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ASPB MinisymposiumFujishige, N.A.; Lum, M.R.; De Hoff, P.L.; Hirsch, Ann M..nodulation genes
nitrogen fixation
M16003July 9th 11:30 amContinental C/HiltonA leucine rich repeat receptor-like kinase has a role in nodule morphogenesis in Phaseolus vulgaris
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ASPB MinisymposiumJauregui, David; Nava, Noreide; Alvarado, X; Santana, O; Quinto, Carmen.receptor kinase
M16004July 9th 11:55 amContinental C/HiltonMedicago truncatula DMI1 localizes to the nuclear envelope and regulates Nod factor-induced calcium spiking
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ASPB MinisymposiumVenkateshwaran, Muthusubramanian; Riely, Brendan K.; Peiter, Edgar; Sun, Jongho; Heckmann, Anne B.; Lougnon, Geraldine; Edwards, Anne; Otegui, Marisa; Freshour, Glenn; Hahn, Michael G.; Sanders, Dale; Oldroyd, Giles E. D.; Downie, Allan J.; Cook, Douglas R.; Ane, Jean-Michel.Legume nodulation
ion channel

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