Especially for Students

Student participation in Botany 2007 is necessary, appreciated and supported. Several options exist to help students to defray cost in attending. Keep checking here for updates as new opportunities become available.



Student Workers

Students who work up to 10 hours as conference helpers may have their early student registration fees refunded. Fee waivers are not granted. Student workers must register for the meeting and pay the registration fees.

If you are interested in serving as a student worker, please fill out the application and submit it by June 15, 2007, to:

Plant Biology/Botany 2007
2813 Blossom Avenue
Columbus, OH 43231
Fax: 614-895-7866
or email

Botany 2007 Student Travel Awards

The Botanical Society of America is offering a variety of Student Travel Awards to help defray costs to attend the meeting. Do you qualify?

» Conant "Botanical Images" Student Travel Award
» Vernon I. Cheadle Student Travel Award
» Developmental & Structural Section Student Travel Award
» Ecological Section Student Travel Award
» Mycological Section Student Travel Award
» Phycological Section Student Travel Award
» Phytochemical Section Student Travel Award
» Pteridological Section Student Travel Award

ASPB also is offering Travel Grants - More information here

To Attend the Conference:

» Online Conference Registration Form
» To Register by Mail of Fax
» Hilton Housing Reservations - Coming Soon
» Want to share expenses?
    Need a Roommate?
» Interested in serving as a student worker?
  Fill out the application - Deadline June 15


Student Research Symposium

Plant Biology and Conservation

Chicago Botanic Garden
Click here for more info


» Need a Letter of Invitation?
   E-mail Johanne
» Apply for Travel Money - See if you    qualify
» ASPB Travel Grant Application    Members  of all societies are invited to   apply.
» Visa Information   Meeting is registered   with the US Department of State
» Looking for a Job...Looking for future Employees? Check out the Job Board

MORPH Student Travel Grants are Available

Deadline June 1, 2007
More information at: